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Help, can't install rom on my E200 :(

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Hi, i'm trying to upgrade my phone with any rom (i've downloaded a orange rom and qtek rom) but i can't install any of them.

When I switch the phone on i get the Qtek splash screen and after stops with a white screen. I've tried to erase the Storage but after that i get the same white screen...

The most strange thing is that when I try to update with any rom I get stuck at 0% in the first step, in the erasing software from E200 step, and the phone always shows the canary screen (the 3 coloured screen).

Could any one give me a hand here? Please...

Kind regards!

P.S.: I got this phone when I went to U.K. so I can't send the phone to them :) Oh btw the phone is sim unlocked.

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No, it doesn't recognize the rom version when trying to upgrade because i install starting with the bootloader. the phone doesn't startup...

do have any idea of a solution?

kind regards!

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Same problem with my SPV, If someone can point me to constructive steps to solve the problem, while communication with imei-check they thought there is something wrong with ROM Flash chip.

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