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trouble after upgrade xda iis

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Hi everyone, I need help ....

Few days ago I have upgrade my Xda IIs with the patches from Asia (cause I bought it in Asia and I was regestered at Asia) but I couldn't continue upgrading because of "error country id". Before join this forum, I have looking for the anwers in other forums, I have following some instructions, I've extracted the patches, then I use add in patches called "MAupgrade no Id". It was worked, but the problems came up after hard reset after upgrading, it appeared "no GSM" in my device, and when I checked with setting>device information, my radio version and protocol version was disappear, so was my IMEI number identity.

Maybe somebody would help me with this problem

FYI my device information :

ROM version : 1.40.00 WWE

ROM date : 03/10/05

Radio version : disappear

Protocol version : disappear

extROM version : 1.40.923 WWE

Thank's for answering this problem.

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Afraid it sounds like the radio stack was wiped and the update didn't reflash the device with a new one. This is the danger of trying to flash a device with a rom not intended for it or intended for a different country code...

Did you manage to resolve the prob?

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