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Connection Problems

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I have a little problem with my SPV E200.

The Active-Sync connection disconnects always after a (I think random) period of time. Especially if I transfer files to my SD-Card, it often disconnects while it is transfering files.

This is very bad, because it often deletes the whole SD-Card because it gets corrupted (or whatever happens, its just very annoying..)

Btw. I am using ActiveSync 3.8 and a pqi 512 MB SD-Card

Is there a possiblilty to fix this problem? I also donwloaded the latest update (v2.7.5.1) from the Orange Page, but it didnt help...

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There is a problem with ActoveSync when transferring large files (music, video etc) and the easiest way around it is to buy a card reader and use that.

You will find you can transfer your files much quicker that way :o

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