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ClickGamer latest releases and special offers

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Here are a few of the lastest releases from Click Gamer

Pocket Mini Golf 2 - Spooky Hollow by Momentum Games

Available For :

Pocket PC . . . $7.15 | £4.03 | €5.94

Smartphone . . . $7.15 | £4.03 | €5.94

Pre-Order and save 20%! Expansion Pack for Pocket Mini Golf 2.

Released 1st week in October.

Description :

Dare you venture into Spooky Hollow for a round of golf?

There's been some eerie goings on in the world of Pocket Mini Golf 2. Dare you venture into Spooky Hollow for a round of golf?

Pocket Mini Golf 2 - Spooky Hollow is a scarily good 18 hole Expansion Pack for Pocket Mini Golf 2. This expansion pack adds the Pumpkin Cup to your existing courses.

18 brand new creepy holes, with fantastic spooky environments (including dungeons, haunted houses and ghost trains)

More sinister secret Levels and blood curdling new sound FX

New haunting scenery (e.g. pumpkins, scarecrows, flickering streetlights)

Online Leaderboard



Medieval Heroes II by Arcona Magi

Available For :

Palm . . . $14.95 | £8.42 | €12.42

Pocket PC . . . $14.95 | £8.42 | €12.42

Save $3 off the normal price.

Description :

Medieval Heroes II is a game of empire building and turn-based battles set in the Middle Ages.

As one of the medieval lords, you will engage in combat with surrounding provinces in an attempt to unite Medieval Europe under your leadership.

The game area consists of a great number of provinces. At the beginning, you control some of these provinces. Every province gives some resources (gold, metal and stone) to you.

Spend your collected resources on recruiting new troops and capture new territories with their help. You can also use your special forces for scouting, robbing and assassinating your enemies.

You also need to build castles, fortify them, and create additional buildings like markets or banks. During the game your hero will get experience and you can improve his skills.

Your goal is to unite all of the provinces under your control!


Naval Conflicts - USA vs Japan by Pd3a

Available For :

Pocket PC . . . $19.95 | £11.24 | €16.57

Exclusive! Naval Conflict - USA vs Japan is a brand new 3A quality, innovative warship game for your Pocket PC

Description :

Command your forces in the American - Japan naval conflicts during WWII.

Classic and Advanced game modes

Scenario generator for unlimited gameplay

2x20 levels in "Advanced mode" featuring, advanced playfields with isles.

Attack in Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Malaya and some other historycal locations of the biggest Naval Conflict ever.

Unique extra features like air strike, torpedo attack, bombing, attack with warplanes.

Unlimited gameplay with a challenging AI

Selectable order of your forces (USA, Japan) with premium quality 3D rendered graphics.

Special effects like fire, smoke, blowing and sunk of ships

Music composed by the famous game musician Björn Lynne

High Quality sound effects


VGA compatible version coming soon


Check them out at ClickGamer.com

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