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got a orange m1500 no wm5

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Turn it on and no Windows mobile 5



Well I just got mine too. It's not even showing on the Orange website yet, but they are shipping them, as I have one. Like you say, no bleeding edge WM5, but as it's such a new device I'm hopeful for a ROM upgrade at some point...

I'm pretty pleased with it's size. I had it in my head it'd be a fair bit biggerer! But the case that Orange supply with it... I mean; WTF!!!! It nearly doubles it's size, and is soooooooo 5 decades ago. Black leather. Bunch of ARSE!!!

I've decided what I really want is a single thin plate on the front protecting the screen, and a thick band of elasticated webbing ala 4150 case round the back to give cosmetic protection. I guess that's my sewing project for the weekend then.

I'll post a few pics and a bit of a review later on if I can tear myself away from faffing with it.

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Wow that really does suck. Should have known Orange wouldn't be able to pull off a coup by providing the first HTC Alpine with WM5 :?:

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