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Does tomtom navigator 5 or 5.1 work spv c550

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The retail version of TomTom5 does work on the C550 but you need to alter the registry so it will display correctly.

As discussed in the other thread you started.


Hi, first post here. I have tried to search for what I am looking for and the above seems to be what I need, but I cannot find the info I think I need on the link that refers to altering the resgistry?

I have an HP IPAQ HX4700 which I run TomTom Navigator 5, but I have just bought a new Nokia E61i SmartPhone and I would like to know if I would be able to use my Navigator software on the Nokia, instead of buying a new TomTom Mobile 6 (this seems to cover both Mobile & PDA)

I have my original activation card, SD card and Bluetooth GPS.

What are the resgistry changes that are mentioned.... is it on the SD card or something that has to be done on the Nokia?

Many thanks in advance for any help :D

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The Nokia uses a different version of TomTom than the Windows mobile version you have.

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