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MDA iii with tomtom 5 - backlight issue

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Hi guys

My wife has recently upgraded to the MDA III on T-Mobile and she already had TomTom Navigator 5 with a IPAQ 2210 and wired tomtom gps device.

I bought a cradle for the MDA which supports the wired gps device and .........

the problem is that the MDA iii's backlight turns off when its in the cradle........ive change the setting in the MDA to stay on when charging as well but it still truns off after a few mins............

any ideas...........????

any one have the same problem???..............

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So you've checked both Backlight / Battery Power and Backlight / External Power to make sure both have backlight turn off disabled?

Have you also checked to make sure you're running the latest update of TomTom as found on their site? Just in case this is an issue they've addressed? (I hear the Blue Angel HAD an issue that has been resolved in an update)

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