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(K-Jam) ‘Screen alignment’ during gameplay...

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As the title suggests…

I’ve noticed in a few games (gfDoom, 6th Gear, Cocoto Kart racing) after 30 seconds or so gameplay, the screen alignment tool pops up (underneath the running game – although you can see the ‘+’ moving from corner to corner). This means that the game gets stuck, repeating whatever your last key presses were (which also means that the only way out is a soft-reset).

Is anyone else having this problem, or have any ideas on how to stop it happening.

Example – I’ve just been trying to play 6th gear. It’s set up in landscape mode (90° clockwise) dpad up/down for steering, ‘mail’ button for accelerate. The screen alignment wotnot popped up whilst I was holding ‘mail’, ‘up’ and accidentally caught the ‘action’ button (ie, the button in the middle of the dpad) - not sure if it's just coincidence though as I've caught the action button before and it didn't screw up...

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Right, I've figured out what makes the alignment wotnot pop up; if you hold the 'action' button (ie, the one in the middle of the dpad) and then press the 'Message/Mail' button (top left) it loads the screen alignment tool.

Can anyone confirm this on their Wizard variants?

t'is really annoying, and I could do with finding out how to disable it...

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