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gSmart Released

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GIGA-BYTE Communications is introducing new lines of wireless communications products, mobile phones, mobile phone modules, and other types of personal handheld devices for communications, entertainment, learning, and personal information management purposes. We endeavor to enhance user interactivity and mobility, as well as to deliver fantastic content and applications to customers with cutting-edge wireless technology.


Gigabyte launches the first PDA phone featuring TV. The built-in Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 provides the best PDA and PIM (Personal Information Management) solutions for business persons . Besides basic PDA phone functions, g-Smart is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi - Fi and comprehensive English-Chinese two way electronic dictionary. Moreover, the analog TV , up-to-date PAPAGO G10 navigation system and a free 256MB Mini SD card are apt to enrich your leisure life.

◎Mobile Office: Built-in MS Office suite helps manage emails and documents when you are out of the office.

◎Data Security: The new Windows Mobile 5.0 has built-in support for persistent storage so that when the battery drains completely, your data remains intact.

◎Wireless Connectivity: The built-in Wi-Fi facilitates a high-speed network connection.

◎Wireless Bluetooth: g-Smart supports Bluetooth stereo headset and Bluetooth GPS, providing you a complete wireless environment.

◎Background Effects: Unique background environment simulating sounds during calls ensures your whereabouts are secured and private.

◎Multimedia: Featuring with TV/ FM/ MP3/ MPEG4 player and 2.1 mega pixel camera with video recording function, g-Smart is a powerful multimedia center for you.

◎Navigation: Equipped with PaPaGo G10, g-Smart guides you with 3D maps of Taiwan and voice navigation system when traveling.

◎Voice Command: The slider phone with voice commends and hot key simplifies the phone operation.

Service - GSM 900/1800/1900 , GPRS class 10

Main Display

- 2.4 inch, 262k color TFT LCD touch panel, 240 x 320 pixels


- 109 × 53.5 × 24 mm

Weight - 153g (including battery)


- Li-Ion 840 mAh, Li-Ion 1300mAh is also available for purchase Talk Time: 3 hours

Talk Time - Digital Talk Time up to 3 hours

Standby - 110 hours

Phonebook - Maxium 500 contacts.

Operating System - Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition

CPU - Intel PXA272, 416 MHz

Memory - ROM 64 MB, RAM 64 MB

Multimedia Messaging Service - E-mail, SMS, MMS, MSN Messenger, Windows Mobile Direct Push


Camera - 2.1 mega pixels with macro function, digital zoom, and video recording

Music/Video - MP3/MPEG4 player

Radio - FM

Music - MP3 Player

Ringtone - 192 polyphonic ringtone (64 polyphonic played simultaneously)

Voice command

- Voice dialing and commands

Data Transfer Interface

- Bluetooth 1.2.1, Mini USB 1.1

Wi-Fi - WLAN 802.11b

Dictionary - 100k words dictionary.



External Memory - Mini SD (256MB Mini SD card is enclosed)

More info and pics in:



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I like the look of some of these gSmart phones now that my SPV C500 is busted. Can anyone tell me if these phones are worth a purchase? I'm UK based.

Have a look: http://www.gigabytecm.com/eng/gbc_productg...aspx?tabIndex=2

The gSmart i350 is lovely with some great functions such as Wise Talk (lmao) : http://www.gigabytecm.com/eng/gbc_product....ndex=2&Num= ;)

The t600 is nice also. Looks like some sort of TV phone: http://www.gigabytecm.com/eng/gbc_product....ndex=2&Num=

Does anyone have these phone or know more about them?

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