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GPRS on Smart Amazing Phone

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Hi! I'm a new owner of an SPV-E100 (aka Smart Amazing Phone) courtesy of my sister who works for PLDT (she handed down the phone to me after buying a new one ;) ). I just activated the GPRS feature in the phone & I just wanna ask a few questions.

1) My phone screen now has a "G" icon (which probably indicates that the GPRS feature is activated). Am I already connected to the internet now that the "G" icon is there?If not, how can I connect? Smart Customer Service (*888) says that i should dial "0" but then nothing happened.Any ideas?

2) Will I be charged once I connect to the Internet or only when I download data?

3) When I send MMS to a phone that has MMS capability, will the recipient receive the data regardless that he hasn't activated his GPRS feature on his (the recipient) phone?

Thanks, and I hope you can enlighten this green apple.MoDaCo has helped me a lot when it comes to Smartphone info. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D

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There are two G's on the menu bar. The big daddy G near the middle of the menu bar means that you have GPRS active. You are within a GPRS network (signal) and can use GPRS if you so pleased.

The small G that appears on top of the signal strenght bars mean that you are using GPRS or one of your apps is trying to utilize the network.

To go online, press (SPV 100, right) programs and navigate to your Pocket Internet explorer. Then (if I remember right) press menu and select "go to". you get a blank address bar. type the url and enter, you'll get a blank page with the ms windows icon wavering in the top right corner--this means it's processing. If all goes well, your page will display shortly.

be patient, the pocket IE is quite slow. there are configurations that you can set to not view images or view the page as one column which is quite convenient for the phone screen. There are also phone-friendly sites that are laid-out for the small screen.

GPRS charges you for every byte you download. browsing a page downloads info to your phone (not much, well, depending on the page content--html or text are not as heavy as jpegs or images). for example, if you go to www.google.com, once the google page displays completely on your phone, you would have already downloaded (I'm guessing here) around 24 bytes. you type a search word and click enter and the search results displays, that's another so-and-so bytes. you get the picture.

This holds true to anything you actually download. Say you download a file that's 300kb. that's 300,000 divided by the price per byte. (I hate math).

Email, you have to set up using a web server that will allow you pop settings. www.hotpop.com is one. Yahoo is not. (although you can view your Yahoo inbox from your phone by clicking for the "switch to an older version of Yahoo" option.

You can send MMS to anyone with a phone number or email address. If his/her phone is not MMS capable or has not been configured to receive MMS yet, then he/she will not be able to connect to GPRS and retrieve the MMS.

Now that you know this, use it only for good and never for evil :twisted:


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