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£99.99 c550 is out of stock now

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Have any of you with the C550 been able to sync with Media Player? Because my two week old SPV C550 refuses to (apparently a known bug on the HTC Hurricane  ;) ). Not even flashing with the T-Mobile rom version for the HTC Hurricane resolved it...


Eventually yes...after hours of mucking around with it...thousands of questions on hundreds of forums and it still is EXTREMELY tempremental.....

I gave up...sync'd music with my PPC and eventually bought an iPOD!

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bought mine on monday got it yesterday with 512mb card (ask for the music pack)

£99.99 delivered orange shops r charging £139.99!!!

unlocked last nite too well impressed so far

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I've been looking at the C550 for ages and finally decided to get one.

Two weeks ago i looked it up on the orange website again and seen it was £99.99, so i decided to get one and as i dont have any debit/credit cards i went to both the orange stores local to me and to my disbelief got this.

Shop 1


Was on display at £179.99, i asked the person in the shop if that was correct , he said yes and i explained the online price and he was not at all sympothetic and said it was that price and didnt even offer to check the price, he then said they didnt have any in stock anyway. So i left

Shop 2


Was on display at £159.99 for phone only or £129 as a package (£99.99 phone + mandatory £30 credit), i explained to the salesperson that i already have a working orange phone with credit and as i'm upgrading didnt want £30 credit that i would never use. He then explained i could get another £10 off if i traded in my old phone, i expained that i want to keep my old phone as a backup and besides it was worth more that £10.

I expained the online price and was told that they would NOT match it as they are seperate entites (or something to that effect) and basically the salesperson got very snotty at that point, so i decided to get snotty back at him and said if he would'nt match the price then had lost a sale. He refused :evil:

So twisted a relatives arm to order it off the orange online website for me, arrived 10 days ago and to my surprise came with a 512MB MiniSD (there was never an mention of a music pack upgrade).

So far i'm very pleased with it, but learnt a very usefull lesson, the quality off staff in orange shops in my area is awfull (and as my brother-in-law found out when he asked about another phone while we were their, they dont know what they are talking about!!)

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