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p910i quirks

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I'd like to share a very recent discovery about the p910i and the software cd bundled with it.

When I got my p910i second hand (but barely 2 months old) off a co-worker, I didn't bother to install the sync software from the cd. I went to the sonyericsson.com site and downloaded the program from there, thinking that whatever was on the site would be the same as, if not newer than the one on the cd. Never had any problems with synch-ing my phone except for only one time when it hung up and I had to take the battery out just so I can restart it. I sync my phone through the cradle on an IBM T42 laptop, and with my Lotus Notes calendar and ToDo tasks.

Just this afternoon we finally figured out what had been wrong with my boss's p910i, which had been refusing to sync successfully and sometimes does not even recognize his cradle. He's got an IBM Thinkpad T43 and the exact same phone and software as I have, but we'd been getting "synchronization aborted" messages each time he tried to sync his phone. Then I realized that his software came from the bundled CD, which the sony ericsson updater program says is a more recent version than the one we downloaded from the web.

To make a long story short, I de-installed the CD version software, installed the "older version" one downloaded from sonyericsson.com and voila! everything on my boss's system is working now, even the cradle which he thought was broke.

strange don't you think?

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