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My thoughts on the i300 after a day

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Hi Guys,

You may have noticed that I kinda kicked things off in this device specific forum. I wanted to know as much about this before I got it. I was kinda excited at the prospect of a cross between a smartphone and an ipod. So last week I ordered one from o2 and got it when I got back on Friday from work.

Had it all plugged in and everything and I took it out with me on friday night. Used the camera which is pretty reasonable, but the battery really took a massive hit and I wasnt left with much. This was on about 20% after it got a full charge. Albeit on the slim battery. I took about 10 pictures. I started getting a bit worried.

However I played with it again yesterday, and I was plesantly surprised by the crispness of the sound it puts out. I think some hard work has gone into this somewhere because it was that good. Still some battery hammering had taken place.

I started to get used to the idea of having it especially after filling the hard drive but alas I logged on today and saw this: i300x announcement

I then have read everyones comments on the i300 and basically the main downfall on this phone is its size, and the fact the hard drive cripples its use as both a phone and an mp3 player. So after a day or so I think this is going straight back to o2 as I think I want to go back down the route of data cards for storage. Ok it might be a bit more expensive that way but I want to have a phone and an mp3 player. I want to have my cake and eat it.

I tend to like to have two types of phones, one nice big pda based one which I have the exec for and also a nice little smartphone which will play me music, take decent photos and do all the other standard stuff we have come to expect in a phone these days. My ideal phone would be one from htc which has a good amount of memory already built in, a decent camera with flash, wm5 and is 3g. However it looks like I have the only one they make and its not exactly a going out phone!

So if anyone has any ideas on what to swap for id love to hear them. I just know a phone call will be going in to o2 later to arrange for this phone to be sent back. Im kinda sad but at the same time dissapointed.


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Sorry to hear the device didn't work out but I can't say I'm surprised. This Smartphone has long been known to suffer poor battery life. I'm not expecting anything different from the new one either...

Wish I could recommend something small which fills your needs but unfortunately 3G is still a rarity in Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones, let alone Smartphones.

Maybe next year? ;)

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Well in reply to this I couldnt see anything that was different out there so I kept with it. And I am glad I did.

I had started to use TCPMP and that has brought down battery consumption somewhat. I read this on a review I happened to stumble across, which was written by some Russians and is a very good review. It can be found here: http://www.mobile-review.com/review/samsung-i300-en.shtml

Yes the battery life is pants but for what I use it for and that is mainly music it works fine. The battery lasts for around 5-6 hours of me playing it in the car on a full charge and to be honest when I get in I charge my phones so its not a problem for me.

Yes I would have liked a 3g handset and would have liked wm5 but this is apart from a few things like battery life and the fact that it sometimes takes a while to catch up with itself when texting and doing other stuff, a very neatly made crisp handset. Its just a shame that attention to detail in some departments lacked when it so clearly excelled in other areas.

I think that my next going outish phone will be the new HTC hermes when it comes out but Im assuming that wont be for a while now so in the meantime I think this will do nicely! Its amused me somewhat that I really wanted this phone, then felt quite deflated about it and then fell in love with it all over again!

It would be good to hear other peoples views after having it a while.


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