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1.42 Issues

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Since I upgraded to 1.42, I've found the device to run much better, but have one fairly big problem: I can't switch between WiFi and GPRS without a soft reset.

If I have/had a GPRS connection, WiFi won't launch. There's no option under the connection pop-up to turn it on and doing it in Wireless Manager achieves nothing.

If I've am connected to a WiFi and leave my room, the device doesn't automatically gain a WiFi connection. If I try to manually connect to GPRS, it says it can't do so.

Has anyone else experienced this, or even better, found a fix?

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Mine's kind of the same. If I'm connected to GPRS I can always end the GPRS session and connect to WiFi without a problem. Can't do the opposite though - If I've a WiFi connection I always have to do a soft reset before I can get a GPRS connection. It's a real pain if it's in my car cradle and I want it to dial TomTom Traffic...

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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