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Problems after software installing

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Yesterday I installed ClearVue and Pocket Music on my MPX200.

When I turned the phone on today, occured the next issues:

* It took to long to start up.

* All my settings (homescreen, theme, sounds, etc.) were lost.

* My Remove Programs List was empty (I only have 26 apps)

What happened? Any ideas? and How to fix them or avoid it happens?



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Ah, the dreaded partial reset. :evil:

It is usually caused by low battery or low phone memory. Did you install the software onto the phone ? It is always better to install onto the storage card to preserve the amount of available memory to run the programs.

Since you cannot know what may have been corrupted you should seriously consider doing a full hard reset to clean up the phone.

In future you should keep an eye on the phone's memory with (say) Binarys Task Manager and keep ringtones, homescreens etc to a minimum and delete old messages.

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