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Bluetooth on i300

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Hi to all, n00bie here :)

I got my new phone 2nd of January on O2 (and after reading some other posts, looks like i got it b4 u lot :D ). and like u all, i hate the damn battery life, died on me today actually.

Anyway, back on topic. obviously, amongst friends im going to share mp3's, pics etc, but when i choose a song to send to a friend, it takes ages! like 5 mins, at least.

my friends sends songs within 30-60 secs.

Currently, my songs and in my items/HDD, and i was thinking maybe transfer is slow due to this?

Does any1 know what would be a better choice, or how to increase the trandfer speed?


Also, does any1 know if we will get a free upgrade to the i300x? lol

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firstly there maybe differences in file sizes, different file types make a difference. also what phone were you sending it too?

for example this morning i sent a 5mb file to my mates nokia, it took about 4 or 5 minutes, then i sent the same file to my other mates motorola v3, it took a whopping 1h and 30min!!!

it also depends around bluetooth versions

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