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anyone tried a 2GB SD Card in an i600?

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title says it all - was wondering if anyone has tried (and succeeded, hopefully!) in using a 2GB SD Card in their i600.

the documentation i've been able to find says that it supports a maximum 1GB Card. of course, at the time the documentation was written, 1GB was the largest card available.

anyone tried this, or know for sure if it will work or not? i hate to buy the card only to have it not work... (none of my other devices that take SD -- my pocket PC or my digital camera, explicitly say they'll support a 2GB card, either).

many thanks!

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I haven't, nor have I read of anyone who has. I have an i600, and am planning on getting a 2GB miniSD soon, so I can check when I do. If you happen to get one in the meantime I'd love to hear if it does work.

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i have a 2 gig in mine.


sweet! can i ask what manufacturer and "speed"? i've been seeing these "high speed" SD cards and i don't know if they're any less compatible or not.

and did you get a "major manufacturer" (like kingston, etc) or a generic one?

much appreciated. i promise my next post should have less "quotes" in it. :)

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