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Learning Visual C++

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Would anyone be willing to take me on as an apprentice as i really want to learn Visual C++ And i know a lot of people hereon Modaco are Programmers... Alternatiively - Any advice would also be greatly appreciated! :)

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there are lots of good books out there, as well as free compilers for starters - if you are just starting out then I wouldn't necessarily recommend starting with development straight for Smartphones as they are slightly quirkier than a desktop machine, and so it would be far more frustrating as a start point

although some people turn their noses up cos of the name - the "Dummies" series is a VERY good start for beginners

I'd suggest a trip to your local library to save stumping up for books initially

apart from that there are LOTS of resources, forums and tutorials on the web, just do a Google

after that it's a case of getting stuck in really :)

good luck

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did ever find anything usefull?

luckly for me im in high school and start learning next semester :)

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