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M2000 noob - wififodumb :(

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Well, I just learnt that my new m2000 is a Blue Angel.. how nice! :) But apart from that I'm getting a little perplexed as things arent working as simply as I'm lead to believe by the rather barren manual.

I am trying to connect to my first wireless network. *groan, I hear you cry* And it just wont work! I'm getting a little confused and cant find any solid instructions in any place that goes into any kind of detail.

I am in a house that has a wireless router with Open access and no security (I turned it off just to make connecting a little quicker as a test). So I'm sat in the next room and the m2000 picks it up the first time and adds it to the network list. But the manager constantly says "Scanning Network..." or "Connecting To Network..." never ever CONNECTED. I was lead to believe that when it pops up as discovering a new wireless area, I just say Connect, it does its stuff and I'm connected. What is going wrong? I've only just got the thing so everything is set to default and all I've done is press yes/connect/whatever it was when the bubble first popped up.

I have also installed after this the programs HitchHiker 0.4 and WiFiFoFum. Both programs detect the home network (and a couple of faint, more distant ones). With wififofum, I dont actually know how to connect to the networks it finds.. help here would be appreciated as there's no manual. HitchHiker tries to connect but constantly cycles through Configuring,connecting,etc never connected.

GPRS works fine.. but that costs! :D

Any help to this m2000 noob would be great!! :)

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I had a similar problem and after turning WEP off, it connected and then allowed the key to be entered when I switched WEP back on.

I use Hitchhiker and it is far better than just turning wireless on.


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Well I worked out something.. something dumb of me.. that by pressing and holding, the menu comes up to Connect (using the default prog). So I logged into the router, got the key and changed a setting from Open to Automatic and it connected!

Hitchhiker still doesnt work, just cycles through configuring the hardware, trying to connect, not connecting, configuring, etc etc. Dont know whats wrong with that? Guess it doesnt matter now.

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