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Power Save Mode Bug

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Hope someone out there can help me. And, first off, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I have just spent a few days working with my Sprint Samsung SPH-I600. My goal was/is to modify the registry so that when I have a voice mail pending the LED will flash red and the alert will sound every minute or two. Not too much to ask from a $500 cell phone, eh? :-)

I opened up the registry and modified the

HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Notification\Script key to be a new value of "v1apf1w120r"

This value means that whenever a voice mail notification arrives, the phone will

vibrate for one second, begin a loop, play the assigned sound, flash the red LED (continuously) for the wait time of 120 second, repeat the loop.

(for some wondering about the symbols, I'll include a quick reference at the end of the post)

So, all is well, eh? Yeah, not really. The I600 has a bug in the Power Management options.

Start > Settings > Power Management > Power Save Mode.

It appears that this Power Save Mode shuts down the loop after about 1 minute. So, I tried to bypass this by setting the Power Save Mode value to "Never".

This works when the phone is flipped open, but when the phone is closed the Power Save Mode still kicks in (if you listen closely you can even hear the 'click' as it flips the circuits off).

Has anyone heard about this issue before? Any ideas how to fix it (registry, patch, or hardware modification acceptable).

Thanks for any thoughts guys. I'm new to the forums but I've done my research on the issue. Thanks guys!

#### Script Values (That I know of) ####

a = repeat loop start marker

f0 = Red LED Off / f1 = Red LED On

(not sure how to make the green LED come on)

p = play sound

r = repeat loop end marker

v0 = Vibrate Off / Vn = Vibrate On for n seconds

wn = wait/pause for n seconds

c has something to do with volume but I haven't taken the time to understand it thus far.

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