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New mobile device

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I am currently on an Orange (UK) online contract, which has long expired (18 months)

£15 per month inc 30txt 120voice.

£4 for 4mb gprs access.

I'm using a C500 which I got with my current contract.

60mins would be plenty of talk time (anytime any network)

I would also like the following...

- 3G

- Wi-Fi (connect to my router at home)

- email

- running windows software.

I'm looking for suggestions of a device to upgrade to.

I need to change quite soon as Orange have put in my last bill/ statement, that I will have to pay more for less (£25 for 120min without texts).

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Well, the device Orange will likely offer you as a free upgrade based on your spending will be the Orange SPV C550. I know as the one Orange account I have left is the same as yours and I called and checked upgrade options just yesterday.

Really wanted the SPV C600 for free but they weren't willing to budge on the £70+ they wanted for that. Even went so far as getting my PAC number which makes me think they're not going to budge.

There's actually only one Windows Mobile phone which matches your spec (3G/Wifi) and that is the SPV M5000 Pocket PC Phone. Ask them how much they want for it but be prepared to be quoted a price of at least £200 unless you're willing to increase your tariff to a much higher monthly spend.

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