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magician, os x, mms, sync notes etc things i have learned

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Things I have learned regarding SPV M500 (magician) and Mac OS X

Pocketmac does not work. I have purchased both the pro and lite versions of this software and I can categorically say that it does not work. I managed to get it to sync with entourage contacts and address but the email support is very bad and after 24hrs of trying ity still does not work properly. The support system does not work either, I had several tickets started to try and resolve the problems but the support staff repeatedly requested information that I had previously stated in the original ticket requests. There is one redeeming aspect of my dealings with Pocketmac and that is that they did give a refund upon request; could this be because they are aware of the problems?

Switch to Missing Sync, it is the recommended software of mac and after using it I can see why, from the first connection to the first sync it was all plain sailing, it keeps you informed about choices it is making during the sync and was very stable. I can now sync ical with tasks and contacts. First class software. Once set up you can add and email account on the device and it allows a pass through with the settings for .mac auto detected. You simply set the delete period to 7 days on both the mac and ppc the messages are then synced on both. Avantgo works ok although you have to start the sync from avantgo, it is not automatic like on activesync.

The next problem was notes, I bet most of you work on the net on your mac and at some point want to some information from your mac to the ppc as quick and simply as possible, I searched and searched for software to do this but to no avail. Eventually I found some. What you need is an account with www.backpackit.com they allow a free account for notes, tasks and lists, it is a web based system that seems to work a treat, to allow sync between the systems you make their page an avantgo personal channel to be viewed on the device (the first time you sync do it while connected with the ppc, it will ask for a username and pass. The next thing you need is the desktop widget for os x, they connects to the backpack site and shows you previous messages in real time on the dashboard, you can add or edit items. Every time you sync avantgo picks this data up and adds it to the device. You can also add notes and lists etc through avantgo which consequently adds your data back to the widget.

How do you create an icon on the today screen which will open pocket outlook with a new message already addressed to your chosen contact. Again I looked high and low for a solution to this, my preivous post mentioned using wizbar and specifying mailto:yournumber as a command to start upon button press, this works well but as was pointed out by one of the replies it does use a lot of resources just to do a simple task, this is not necessary. I have been a calligrapher user for a while and have never really looked into the features too much, I now know that you can ad a command which can be activated by a simple written command with a circle around it, the command you need to open the mail app and address and txt is as follows:



This when activated will start p outlook with a pre addressed message.

Finally MMS message setup, I would guess that some of you have unlocked phones and need to set up mms, I am with virgin and tried the settings they provide although as you probably know the syntax is very different on a wm device so it can be quite confusing, this is a really simple tip but one that I overlooked for quite some time, I tried different settings over and over again and they would not work until I realised that the tele number you input to address the message must not have any spaces I know if sounds really stupid but I use calligrapher a lot and I was putting in the recipients number via the pen and there were obviously spaces in the number, all the messaged were being rejected for this reason and nothing to do with the settings, I felt very stupid but thought I must point this out to newbies like me.

2 other tips that I was not aware of until reading some other posts are: -

speaker phone on the magician can be activated by holding down the green call button in a call.

Pressing the green button followed by the : -

Right directional button gives call register

Left directional gives speed dials

I was not aware of either of these until reading the groups.

Hope the above helps, I am very much a newbie but love tinkering and will not rest until the device is how I like it.

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