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Keyboard doesn't highlight

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I bought my MPx200 and I have problem...

My keyboard doesn't highlight... I don't hear buzz inside or smth...

Can I repair it?

BTW. In How to strip MPx200 images doesn't display...

Greetings from Poland


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Welcome to the site ;)

Thanks for letting me know about the missing images, I will rebuild the post as soon as I have some time.

Regarding the backlight, as far as I know it's not possible to repair the fault without specialised tools (I would be surprised if you could resolder the kepad light connections) but I have not seen the actual fault it myself.

The buzzing sound normally only happens before the light fails and then stops when the light stops working.

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my mpx200 had a similar problem. the backlighting on the keypad isnt normal smd leds, its like an electro-luminicent(sp?) pad. from it not lighting and the humming sound, i would only speculate that the power inverter for the keypad could have blown. i have used el products before, and when the power inverter goes, it makes a slight humming sound. on my old mpx200 it would occasionally work, but only if i was to hold the screen and hit the phone on my hand a few times, i wouldnt suggest to do this tho, might break it.

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