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Problem with application unlocking

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Anyone know of an app that will add the VeriSign Mobile2Market root to the privileged root certificate store??

The reason I ask is that I've found a bit of software for my phone that will let it integrate better with my hand free kit in the car, but I an't get it working and the support guys from the products website have said:

"Currently our Hands-free Extension is signed to run on Windows Mobile

devices that accept the Mobile2Market code signing. Orange runs its own

code authorization program, and our software will need to be approved by

Orange in order to run on their Windows Mobile devices. JETware has joined

the Orange Partner Program to seek this approval."

I asked if he meant about application unlockeing and again he said:

"There are two different layers of application locking. The first layer allows you to run normal applications that are not signed. The second, which I "did not think could be disabled, requires that code running in processes that use "privileged" functions or resources be signed with a certificate from a trusted root. It may be that your friends phone has had an application installed that added the VeriSign Mobile2Market root to the privileged root certificate store. I have seen some apps like that floating around the Internet."

So................anyone got any ideas?????

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Without this Mobile2Market (M2M) certificate it seems impossible to run any of the useful PC-Mobile note syncing applications such as Microsoft OneNote, PhatNotes or SmartphoneNotes.

Is there a registry hack that will either add the Mobile2Market certificate or render in unnecessary?

Can Orange add the certificate?

Can I load a different firmware to make the handset a vanilla Hurricane instead of an Orange C550 (WM2003/SE)?


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