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I have a small business with 10 employees.

I want to buy a small business server for the company. I have seen this outlook web access, is there any way you can host this yourself from your own server and how much it costs?

I know Small Business Server comes with Exchange.

The company is always on the road and I would like Outlook Web Access from a colocated server which I am going to buy.

What would be the recommend software for administrating this and what are the hardware requirements.

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I run SBS on my home PC and OWA comes with it.

Any modern PC should run it (but plenty of RAM - min 1Gb) and SBS contains everything you need.

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I install SBS's quite often. Perfect for your needs - only issue is if you have multi-sites and need them connected (although there are workarounds).

Dead easy to set up your exchange to allow mobile access, OWA etc.

Hardware wise, if its business critical, a good basic server is recommended with an extra hard disk to provide realtime backups.

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