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New Phone, New TomTom Mobile Problem!

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Hi All

I recieved my replacement phone from orange yesterday evening. Sim Unlock and App Unlock went fine, I then inserted the Same Mini SD that I have copied my TomTom files onto into my C550. Turned the phone on and and get the question "Do you wish to run this program, possibly unsafe source". So assuming this is the TomTom Autorun.exe file I click yes.

TomTom has appeared to install, it has put TomTom Contacts and TomTom on the start menu.

However when I ran TomTom I got to the "I agree" page. At this point I cannot go any further. Does anybody have any idea why. I could not find anything on the forum.

The only idea I have is that my copy of TomTom Mobile 5 is the c500 version with the 5.2 patch already applied on it? Could this effect it?

Secondly TomTom is not on my remove applications page. Does this mean it has not installed correctly?

Thanks in advance

P.S I didn't say but TomTom was working fine from that copy in my last handset.

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Ok I got TTM working again!

If you any of you get that where it won't go passed the aggree screen try this.

1) Remove all traces of TomTom from you mobile.

2) Remove your memory card

3) Recopy the original TomTom 5.00 to your memory card from your old NON QVGA Version SD / Mini SD

4) Reinsert and Powerup SPV.

5) Let the Autorun.exe run.

5) Apply TomTom 5.00 to 5.20 update from website

6) Copy to the new EXE to your Mini SD

7) Start TomTom

8) Reactivate your map/maps


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