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Anyone know the difference

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a friend of mine has a t-mobile mda compact ii which i now know is also known as the htc charmer etc. this unit looks the same as my imate jam charcoal (128mb) but his came out the box with wm5 where mine has 2003se.

i'm coming to terms with the fact that imate or O2 are not going to release a wm5 update for my unit but i wondered what the difference was between these 2?

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Have a look at these two topics they show the specifications of both devices :)

HTC Magician

HTC Charmer

Here are the main points


Processor: Intel Bulverde 416MHz

Memory: 64MB SDRAM, 64MB ROM (note: New Jam features 128MB SD RAM)

Operating system: Windows mobile 2003 2nd Edition Pocket PC Phone Edition


Processor: 195MHz TI OMAP 850

Memory: 64 MB SDRAM, 128 MB ROM

Operating system: Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition

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