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How to retrieve battery level information ?

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Quite the great forum you have here, allthough I've not been able to find information about how to retrieve the battery level on smartphone 2003 SE.

If you have a method that works for 2002 as well it's even better.

I've coded quite alot C++ for the x86 platform, but haven't coded for SP before, so if there's a huge difference, a few hints on what to do and not to do would be greatly appreciated as well.

About the battery level all I really need is a zero to hundred indicator or whatever format it's stored in (I saw a buyable DLL which returned it as a value between 0x0000 and 0xFFFF)

Lastly if you happen to know a way to execute a program just before the Smartphone shuts down that'd be awesome :)

Thanks alot for your help in advance.

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First of all thanks alot :)

You wouldn't happen to know a way to make MSDN only search through Win CE functions ? Since I could find GetSystemPowerStatus quite easy, but that's seemingly not for Win CE.

I was afraid you'd say I can't run an application prior to shutdown.

I guess my only option for doing this, would be having the program running at all time (and detect the shutdown of the program instead).

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