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Today screen not present O2 XDA EXEC WM5

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Hi there, hopefully I am posting in the right forum!

Just looking for some advice if possible. Thought I would install a theme (.tsk format) for WM5 O2 XDA EXEC.

Installed the theme in the WINDOWS folder.

Went to the TODAY screen (Start / Settings and choose TODAY)

I can see the theme listed, so I select this, choose "use picture as the background" and click ok.

Yes, when back on the today screen..... nothing!! No theme!

I dont really customise the WM5 device, however I do have SPB Pocket Plus v2.5 Build 2084 - Now this was one of my first apps to install on the device.

May be unrelated but wanted to be sure. Am I doing anything wrong in the above steps to use a theme?

Also, is it me or is it hard to find any decent PPC WM5 themes that work in portrait and landscape.



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