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ActiveSync via BlueTooth

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I'm sure this question must have been asked before but a search yeilded no results.

I've just bought a BT dongle for my pc and cannot get my M2000 to sync via BT.

I was using ActiveSync 4.1 but when i had no luck there i went back to 3.8. I have followed the ActiveSync 4 help files as best i can but I asume it's describing WM5.

I'm stuck. Do i need to update my BlueTooth stack (if so what is the latest one and where can i get it)? Or is there something else i'm doing wrong.

Cheers for your help!

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I got it to work, finally! 875th time's a charm!

Incase anyone else is interested, I used this guide from Geekzone:


It's written for an iPaq but only a couple of things are different. It also says that 4.0 is the latest version of ActiveSync but (as most of you know) 4.1 is the latest official release.

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