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3G Virgin: How to setup for 3G

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A colleague has an M5000, which we've unlocked to use on other networks.

We're probably going to Vodafone in the next few weeks, and instead of replacing his 3 month old M5000 I just want to set it up to work on Vodafone (or which ever network we end up on).

In Settings, Connections I 've got an "Orange GPRS Internet", which uses the standard "orangeinternet" APN.

Should there be another settings for 3G, or does it work it all out itself?

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3G uses the same settings as 2.5G - it will just work. The only difference being you do things a lot faster so can use a lot more data!

This will cost a lot on either O or V- has he looked at T-Mobile or is cost not an issue?

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