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How do I use my vario as a gprs modem?

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Hi there,

I have searched the forums, but not found anything that I can get to work.

I would like to use my MDA vario and its GPRS connection as an internet connection on my laptop.

If anyone can assist, it would be really appreciated.



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start by setting up a blue tooth connection making sure that you enable dialup networking.

when starting the connection you may be asked for a username & password.

the username may be user & the passowrod sometimes is blank ,it all depends on your isp.

the last thing you need to do is type in *99# as the dialup number.

a good place to look for info is www.filesaveas.com.

hope this helps


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You could always ask in the forum that's correct for your handset, of course...

A Vario is an HTC Wizard...

Not trying to be sarcastic (although I may have failed?) - just saying, as all these handsets are always a little bit different from each other.

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