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Return Woes!

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I just got off the phone fighting with the company I ordered mine from (samstores.com). They still have QUAD-BAND EDGE & TRI-BAND UMTS posted on their site. I spoke with an employee who was trying to tell me that had not incorrectly advertised the specs for the phone. He said, "It's still a quad band phone because it supports 4 bands". They said they would not refund it - they'd only give a credit and still charge restocking fee.

I tried arguing that HTC's site stated 850MHz was supported. Also argued that they still said Quad-Band Edge and TRI-BAND UMTS, which it was not because it didn't support US UMTS frequencies.

They were just plain jerks about the whole situation. So, now I'm still stuck with a MTeoR and still angry. I've left voicemails for HTC America without response - and same with web-mailing HTC Europe. No luck.

Has anyone had further luck contacting HTC? I would really like my money back on this phone since it doesn't work very many places.


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Have you tried emailing HTC directly (rather than going thru the website)? I have had much more luck with this than using the weblink. You can try if you haven't- the address is [email protected] Given that the misadvertising issue lies with HTC (and their website STILL states quad-band EDGE and triband 3G), they should make good on your loss. If you were based in the UK, you could take it up with trading standards, which tends to get things resolved pretty quick, but being based in the US, you might find yourself in a bit of a grey area :)

If HTC don't take down their misinformation on the Mteor in the next day or two, I plan to contact TS myself anyway. Sounds a bit pedantic, but I have been burnt too, and I do find it somewhat vexing that they're prepared to admit their mistakes by email support, but not actually do anything to fix the original source of error. Grrr. ;)

Edit: If your US supplier has quad-band EDGE on their website, your on a good footing. This effectively states that the phone supports 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz GSM, which it does not. EDGE is the GSM GPRS variant, so they are misadvertising. The phone also does not support triband UMTS, only 2100MHz UMTS, so that's misadvertsing too

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Contact your credit card company.. explain it to them.. if they agree they'll retract the transaction

Call the company you bought it from and explain your credit card company agree's with you. So do they want the phone back or what? If they give you grief tell them to talk to your credit card company as its now out of your hands.

This only works if you actually have a valid point. Its a speedy way to get your money back and put the ball in their court chasing you instead. If you do this without good ground, eventually your credit card company will enter it into dispute and if you loose the company may be really pissy and try to charge you everything they posibly can.

Anyway explain to your credit card company and ask them what to do, that's the whole point of using credit cards (apart from the credit of course!)

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