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Using my MDA PRO in Maastricht

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Hello everyone,

I plan to visit Masstricht in NetherLands this weekend and I am hoping that there will be UMTS/3G coverage for my MDA pro.

I am on a T-MObile Network in England so I presume that my phone will switch to T-Mobile in Netherlands.

Could anyone tell me about network coverage in Maastricht and if Ill get a fast data connection?

Many thanks

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You will get utms in holland , this is mainly through vodafone and kpn , tmobile are starting to roll out that service as is orange nl ,and telfort has edge speeds , your phone will choose the 3g service for you , best bet is to check on internet over the roaming costs and then choose the network you want , here vodafone has the best coverage , so yes you can get utms when on holiday here , just be aware of the extra costs , have a nice trip :D

All the dutch operators and types of services can be found here in english ...


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