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Why isn't there any big interest in the i300?

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Well?It's one of the best windows mobile gsm phones solution out there.

416 Mhz , HDD with 3 Gigabites....

It's only real problems are the sucky battery life , the sucky camera , and the small screen.

Apart from that it's an extraordinary phone...if it wold have existed in romania i wold have bought it by now...

It'l be here in about 6 months :D( and by then it'l be old tehnolagy...

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it was only available on O2.

and had wm2003se

it had REALLY sucky battery life. but i think most people wanted the next one up (which was announced with 3 months of the i300 ie i300x or the i310 aka 4gb and a few improvements or 8 gb and a raft of improvements and so lost interest added to that that it had no 3g or wifi and it kinda lost me while the vario/ then hermes got me totally

otherwise not sure nothing particularily wrong with it although whats the point of all that hard drive space if it only works for 10 hours and moves stuff at under 1 mb/sec (look up reviews for benchmarks)


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1) You better not drop it. It has a really tender hard disk inside.

2) People reported broken hard disks even when they havent dropped the phone.

3) You better not go too far from mains outlet. To say that battery life is sucky is to say nothing :D

4) Screen is too small. 2'' only, even when quality is not bad.

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Umm, I've dropped mine many times and it still works great, the camera is great just slow, probably the best implementation of a WM camera phone to date, thanks to the samsung software. Battery life is agreed to be terrible, thats why they supply two. Screen is not too small because it is QVGA and emulators run great on this little speed demon. Comparatively, there is not all that much difference in Samsung's implementation of WM2003se vs WM5 other than the grid icons. I think its a great phone and can compete with the other phones on the market TODAY, minus wifi of course, but that kills the battery anyway, so whats the point?

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