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Using Vario II 3G as modem for laptop via wifi

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Hello bro plz I just got an MDA vario III, but I don't have the active sync, but i downloaded an active sync, but I need a modern driver to be able to connect to the internet with my phone....Kindly help me out here....


i'm not sure if this is possible over WiFi - i very, very much doubt it though!


Via USB = a piece of cake.

You'll need to grab the USBMDM drivers from somewhere first though.. i do not have them to hand!

Once you have those drivers, plug the USB into device, and then into PC. It will then look for the appropriate drivers. Direct Windows to where you have stored the USBMDM driver, and they shall be automatically installed.

If you have already introduced your device to your computer via USB, within Device Manager you should be able to update drivers. Once again point to where you saved the USBMDM drivers on your computer.

If that fails uninstall the hardware within device manger, and start again!

When the modem is installed, go to (on PC) -

Start, Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options

Select the Modems tab

In here you shall see the modem installed on a Com port

Highlight the modem and go to properties

Select the advanced tab. Here you can enter an "initilization command"

Type in - at+cgdcont=1,"IP","general.t-mobile.uk" (this IS CaSe specfic)

For anyone else reading who isnt on T-Mo, simply replace general.t-mobile.uk with your networks APN

Click on OK, and OK

Set up the connection -

In the Control Panel open Network Connections

Create a new connection

Within the Wizard -

Connect to the Internet

Set up my Connection Manually

Connect Using a Dial-up modem

Check the USB Modem on Com x and uncheck any others

ISP = [a friendly name]

Dial = *99#

Username = user

Password = pass

Uncheck to two boxes in here

Create a shortcut on your deskptop


You are now connected



Here is the driver -


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