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C550 PAYG Connection Conundrums...

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Background: Week last Wednesday 4pm sent my last txt, by 5pm I had no connection at all to the Orange Network. Thursday 10am rang OCS and was told that two masts had gone down and would be fixed by the following Monday, to move to a differnt area (was in Notts city centre) and see if the problem continues. It did. Simple enough really until...

Turned my SPV on today to find still no connection. Rebooted, hard resetted and tried from scratch. No luck. Just finished with OCS again and have had a great time in confusing them :D

Explained my situation etc that I put my O-Contract SIM in the PAYG and it connected fine etc hoping the explanation would be a faulty SIM etc. The bloke agreed and said that would probably the case and that theres three reasons for none connection 1) The SIM, 2) The Handset and 3) The Network.

He wrote the note to Tech Support and all was great until... I found a old unlocked Nokia 6230 in my drawer. I mentioned that Ill try the SIM in that to make sure it wasnt working. It did. Connected fine, received a txt form it and rang 453 :D

1) The SIM - Doesnt work in the C550, works in the Nokia.

2) The Handset - Contract SIM works in it, PAYG doesnt.

3) The Network - Cant connect from the PAYG SIM in the C550, connects fine in the Nokia.

Contradicted all three there I think.

Says Ill get a phone call from TS asap as this was a problem they (he?) hadnt encounterd before.

Any one else had any similar problems or can shed some light on this?

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Well, dude, thats certainly different!

The only thing I can suggest that you don't appear to have covered is to have the 'dodgey SIM' in the Nokia and connected to the network and ask them to send a SIM update to it for the C550 (if they're device specific - not sure about that tho)

Is it an older SIM? I'm sure TS have told me before that Smartphones need a particular grade of SIM in them to function correctly.

Definately an interesting conundrum tho, keep us updated.... :D

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Have just put the PAYG SIM in the nokia again before I rang TS about a SIM update, went to check what messages where on the phone and it wouldnt let me! Got absolutly no response from selecting anything from the 'Text Messages' options (Create, Inbox, Sent, My Folders etc). Went into Message Settings and it shot me back to the standby screen!

Placed it back into the C550 and tried importing messges form the SIM. Left it for 30mins and it was still going with the loading circle. Tried another hard reset with clean Inbox and still the same.

Placed it back in the Nokia and had four SMS come through (I think from the SIM but maybe new?) but couldnt acess them as all I could get out of the Nokia was the "SIM Card Not Ready" error, that was with any of the 'Text Messages' options above!

So, I put the PAYG in my M3100 to retreive the SMS and low and behold...No signal. I couldnt get to the Import SIM messages option as it needs the phone to be connected before it will change the messgage settings.

Maybe it is a corruption in the SIM somewhere??? Hopefully its the SIM and not the handset :rolleyes:

Going to fill in CS when(if) they ring and see what they say.

Is there a charge for a replacement SIM on PAYG without Orange Care? Would this come under Warranty etc?

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Well OCS rang last night said they are just going to replace the SIM as the dont know whats up with it. Should be here Tuesday. Will let you know if this one works...

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