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C550 onboard battery help

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Anybody know the Battery voltage for the little cell soldered onto the C550 board. I am looking to replace this as a last resort to my C550 playing up and going dead for no apparant reason.

Also can half my main battery go dead as its showing fully charged but notice it has four pins on the battery is it dual voltage..When it goes down to two bars on the phone it then has a tendency to crash and not restart unless the phone is plugged to a mains charger for a while..


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Sounds like the main battery is at fault rather than the back-up battery.

A faulty battery can cause strange problems and I would suggest you change this first before thinking about taking the phone apart to try and change the internal battery.

The loss of the internal battery will normally only make you lose the date and time and not the problems you are describing.

When you get the new main battery make sure you do not try and fully discharge it as this can seriously damage it. Li-ion batteries prefer to be topped up on a regular basis.

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