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Battery and Card problem Orange SPV E100

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Hello guys and sorry for the probably annoying repeating questions but i have a few things bugging me and the search button hasn't revealed anything conclusive on what i am looking for.

First of all i want to know how much does a battery for the e100 cost and where can i get it , mine only lasts 36 hours in stand by it's a 1000 mA so i think it needs replacement

Second thing is i want to know/view the storage space left on my card and i don't know where to look or even if there's a program for it although i've searched A LOT

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Bit of a late reply but not sure where batteries can be bought from without trying google? I'm not sure if Orange stock replacement batteries now.

As for storage space I always use Task Manager from www.binarys.com

it's a very useful app thast shows you all memory usage.

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