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Bunch of Random Questions

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I've been going into my regestry to make my phone more efficent and such, but I think I messed somthing up. I'll list my problems and If you have a solution ( and are kind enough to share it with me :] ) I'd like to ask you to post them here. Hey, it could help other users with the same problems as well.

1. My Default volume lever is put at zero when I open GNUboyCE. Im sure that could be a bug in the program but I'm not sure.

2. My "home" button takes me to some internet explorer. I -don't- have a real data usage plan, so I'd like to know if there was a regestry edit to change the shortcut path of the button.

3. The regestry edit for customizing the Startup MRU won't work for files listed in folders of the start menu. Am I doing somthing wrong?

:EDIT: A good nights worth of sleep does the brain good. To fix this problem you need to put the name of

the file, "\" and then the name of the aplication. Example: "Games\GBC\GNUBOY.EXE"

4. My external buttons don't work when the phone is closed. I have no idea why.

5. What exactly does the Cleartype edit do? I've only noticed that it makes my system font a bit blurry,

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