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My cheek/ear puts the phone on hold..

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I have a T mobile MDA compact II.

Whenever I dial a phone number, and put the phone to my ear, either my ear or cheeks accidently presses buttons on the screen, which normally puts the call on hold or does something else to mess up the call.

I have searched the manual and phone options to look for a "lock screen whilst phone is in use" to stop this.

I know an obvious solution is to say, hold the phone away from touching my head, or put it on speaker phone. Neither of these options are ideal for me.

Has anyone else had this problem. it is making the phone unusable for me!

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Just hit the power button once you have dialled. This turns the screen off and hence stops any accidental touching the screen affecting your call.

I used to have a similar problem, but my device range Orange's premium rate information lines whilst I was talking to someone...

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