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I apologise if this is elsewhere but the forum search didn't turn up any useful results.

I've just got a 1gig memory card for my phone and all seems well, just setting the phone up to save pictures and such like there by default. Is it possible to stop the phone saving pictures in folders by date?

I've tried changing the prefix type on the camera settings to date & time to see if it would not use folders but it still does. Is there a nice way to stop this? Or maybe a registry hack or similar?



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I don't have that registtry key unfortunately, I tried adding it as zero anyway but it didn't do anything. What does he mean by 'application unlocked device'? I don't mine is that, whatever that is.

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'Application unlocked' refers to some Smartphones, of which the C550 was one, that are locked by the networks to only allow approved software to be installed, although they are easily unlocked. Pocket PCs make do with the 'this program comes from an unknown source...' warning and let you make your own mind up. much better :rolleyes:

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