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Cheap Chinese Phones

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Anyone who has been on eBay looking at mobile phones would know by now that there are a few bazillion cheap no-name phones from countries such as China and Hong Kong (Like this). I would never buy one, but out of interest, does anyone know if these phones are necessarily bad? Are they usable? How do they stack up to our mainstream phones? Because I see these things actually being sold on eBay, so surely someone knows about these phones?


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hi, im frm singapore, these kinda phones were actualli quite gd, fer normal phone usage and the functions they provide, but since their brand are not tat famous, therefore they are relatively quite cheap but ultimately the designs are very innovative. in fact, thailand (i-mobile) had some nice design too and i personally did buy some of the phones as spares in case my c500 weren't in use. juz my 2 cts.

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