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ActiveSync - mpx220 - accident deleted partnership

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sorry to bother but i'm stuck and hope yal might be able to help me.

i have motorola mpx220 and was trying to connect to activesync and it wouldnt detect phone ... when it finally did it wasn't connecting with the normal partnership i already had and but finally did connect as guest.

i tried to get it in the right partnrshp and when i 1x had option to create partnership it said name already exist for device and needed new name.. i didnt want to have a 2nd one thinking it would delete the 1st one if i did this .... i keep getting blonder and blonder here so i quit and it connected with a guest partnership.

disconnected and to try again and ..now wont detect phone at all so .... blond is now white lol ... well i accidently deleted the orig partnership and cant find anywhere to get it back but and activesync wont even get to part to create new partnership now... so now i am not sure what to do.

please advise i'd appreciate any help u can offer.

oh pc system is running win98se and activesync 3.7 if that helps.

thank you so much,


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Once you have deleted a partnership you can not create it again.

On reconnecting the device Activesync should ask to create a new partnership or connect as a guest.

Disconnect the phone and reboot the pc and the phone then reconnect and see if it asks you to create a new partnership.

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If it doesn't work you may need to rename the phone before activesync catches on. When this happened to me I renamed it with a space in the name so activesynch not only asked me to create a partnership it asked me to rename the phone. Then I gave it back its old name.

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