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Well, I am sure this is a common question with any new phone. I have been trying to transfer some of the applications such as Pocket Plus, MS Streets, etc. from my sister's PPC and I have been unable to do so due to incompatibility. What software do you guys recommend that is compatible for the Dash?

I would like an e-mail software that works over Wi-Fi rather than T-Zones. I do not have the data service from T-Mobile but am constantly covered by Wi-Fi from my school.

In addition, I would like something that would keep my finances in check. I had a software called SplashMoney for the Palm that would synchronize with my bank account everytime I AutoSynched so that my account would automatically be updated. Anything like that for the Dash?

Finally, I am wondering if there is a MS Streets program for the Dash? As a new resident of Boston, I am constantly getting lost in this web of streets. Something to guide me from A to B would be essential.

Thanks again guys...

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