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Spare parts suppliers? Or ways to get dummy phones?

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Hi people,

I'm wonderring if anybody knows where I might be able to get hold of spare parts for the Breeze handset? I actually have the Dopod 595, but as most of you know its the same as the HTC MTeoR.

Basically I have damaged the metal parts for mine, and want to know ehere I might get hold of replacements? I have googled about, but without much success.

I suspect a dummy phone would have what I'm currently after, as its the housing and keypad really, also I particularly liked the Orange C700, and so if I anybody knows how I could go about getting a dummy one of these then any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I emailed a couple of suppliers, who claim to do parts for the other HTC handsets, but many of these suppliers do not yet list the MTeoR, it seems to be relatively uncommon.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and hopefully some of you turn up some info, feel free to PM or reply, which is ever is easier.


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