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Can't connect to computer

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Hi! First post for me here on this board.

I just picked up a MPX200 and cradle on ebay, works great, I love the phone.

But I can't get it to connect to my computer.

I am running windows XP sith SP2 and activesync 3.8 and outlook 2003

it sync's fine with my PDA but not the phone.

What settings do I need?

I looked in the phone and it asks for a user name and domain and such.

I am not a newby but haven't been able to figure this out.

I want to sync my calender and contacts, that is the main reason I bought this phone.


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Welcome to the forum :D

I don't see any obvious problem here.

If the phone is asking for username & domain it would suggest that it is trying to connect to the internet via your PC's connection. I've not got a Smartphone 2002 device with me but somewhere in Settings, Connections (?) there should be an option to switch this off. Perhaps this is interfering with the Outlook sync. :)

Did you hard reset the phone before you used it ? It may be that there is a gremlin in the phone left by the previous owner that can be cleared by wiping it back to factory settings.

What exactly happens when you plug the MPx200 into your PC ?

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