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Hi people!

I'm new to the forum, and to the SPV C550, so please be gentle! I bought a cracking phone off EBay and I've been playing around with it since last Friday, and learned some really useful stuff from you guys. Hey, I even managed to fully unlock it!

So why can't I figure out how to simply lock the keypad? Being a girly with a big girly handbag I've always gone for flip phones so I don't accidentally dial my Auntie Doris in Aberdeen when looking for my car keys, a problem I always have with non flips if the keypad's left unlocked.

Sometimes it will lock itself, but how do I manually lock it? I had a peep in Security, but it asked me for a password, so that's not what I'm looking for. (Is there a default password, BTW?)

Oh yes, and one more thing - how can I tell if I'm connected to the net? There doesn't seem to be a symbol on the display. Or does it just disconnect itself after a spell of inactivity, or when I close the browser down?

Thank you very glad!

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And plus <#> to unlock :)

The web connection should be notified by the signal strength meter icon changing to a small "G" in the top right corner (not the big "G" in the middle of the top row - that shows GPRS is available). Some applications do auto-close the connection but most don't. To manually drop the connection, press the red hang up key once when on the home screen.

*Handy tip* - press-and-hold the (house) key to access a shortcut menu to manage BlueTooth and GPRS connections.

Welcome to the forum :D

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