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Moving to O2 but....

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Hi guys,

Im moving to O2 to get an Exec, so I got my PAC from Vodafone--didnt complain just said it was in the post. Two days later they phoned me up, offered to match any of the pay monthly deals O2 had o their web-site, shame they dont have the phone i want really :-(

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I thought Vodafone had that Universal now?


Talking of the Universal...how's the review coming along Paul??

I've been thinking of getting one as my first PPC but the lack of backwards compbatability with screen size WM5 etc might not be great for me because I'll probably want to install loadsa random stuff on it.

Apart from that, I think it sounds great!

Is it recommended?


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I asked them if they had it, i believe its the V1640 on their network, woman on the phone said it wasnt on her system, if anyone can give any input to what phone i should ask for when phoning voda that would be great, having problems getting an Exec from O2 now (see the O2 section :-()

cheers in advance :)

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