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Orange PAC rules?

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OK, so I have tried speaking to OCS and have managed to get exactly no sense out of anyone.

So.........I am going to move to TMob and want to PAC my numbers with me. I have two numbers on one account. One is out of contract one is in contract and will have to be paid up. So, I asked Orange to give me the PAC code for the out of contract handset. However, this morning the PAC code turned up with both numbers associated with the same PAC number. Due to the way my contracts run I need to reduce the monthly spend on my in contract handset and then wait until my next billing date before I PAC it across.

So, if I use the PAC number they have given me for my out of contract handset will that also cancel my in contract handset at the same time? If this is the case this will cost me a LOT of money.

Or can I just use the PAC code to transfer one number now and then transfer the other number at a later date?

Anyone know?

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i had this as i just moved one of my phones from O to T, but was leaving one of my contracst on O running "for the misses" she doesn;t really get the benifits of flex and web and walk,

i had the same thing the letter they said had both numbers and the same pac code, so i phoned O and they basicly said its a issue with the way the pac is generated.

basicly all u need to do is phone t mobile say u wanna port your number give them the number you wish to port and the pac code and your sorted your other O phoen will run as normal on O, untill you cancel it or do what u want with it.

i spoke to them yesterday and they said it can take 24 hours for the port to be confirmed then normally 5 working days. i got a text from T to say my port date was on the 31, which works out and being exactly the 5 working days.

hope this helps

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